CSI has been the cornerstone to the success of Shelby County Schools for more than 10 years. Gathering school leadership teams to focus on school-specific goals based on student data, and community norms and expectations will continue to be the focus for our school system. Our success, culturally and academically, in every school zone will continue to be guided by the CSI process.  We will establish a more intentional focus on a vertical analysis of school communities to create community goals that further promote student achievement.  Our emphasis on ensuring safe and drug-free schools will remain paramount.



A successful school system is only as good as the number of people who are invested in the best interest of our students. We have a tremendous amount of success when we are intentional about parental involvement. Parental involvement is the key to us building a culture of trust for our most important customers, our students.


We also want to extend partnerships with business and industry. Providing our students with the opportunity to learn more about various career paths through co-op and job shadow experiences is vital. Working with Chamber of Commerce organizations will be important to expanding the scope of these opportunities.



Preparing our students for the 21st century is so critical to advancing their future educational and professional opportunities. As such, it is critical that we embed specific 21st-century skills into our instructional practice. Collaboration, problem-solving, design thinking as well as opportunities to engage in more advanced technological skills will be an ongoing focus. The following are a few areas of focus:

  • Social and emotional learning (SEL)

  • Global and cultural awareness

  • Information literacy

  • Leadership

  • Civic literacy and citizenship

  • Oral and written communication skills

  • Technology literacy

  • Initiative

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